Our scoreboard manage the most popular sports in indoor with latest official rules per sport.
After the play, they are able to display in alternation, the official hour and the temperature.

Bodet's + points :

  • Ergonomics adapted to every user
  • The expert of the major sport events
  • Compliant with sport federation rules
  • A technical service outreach.
  • Hight brightness LEDs for a perfect visibility and a large viewing angle.
  • Wired or wireless communication (868 MHz)
  • Optional radio synchronisation FI 162 or DCF 77
  • Shockproof material (tested DIN 18032-3)

General specifications

Advanced functions


* Timer

* Time and temperature

* Score 0 to 999

* Time-out

* Period number

* Game stop indicator

* Integrated horn

* Player and team names

* Score per player

* Synchronisation with shot timers

* Wireless keyboard frequency 868 Mhz (wire connection also available)

* Start / Stop controller included

* Scoreboard luminosity adjustement (5 levels)

* Battery backup 12h minimum

* Selectable program for each sport

* Programming of the team names with recording of the parameters